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Hair Steamer Smackdown: Huetiful vs O’Hair Ionic Steamer All / News / Products & Reviews

correction 28.11.12 – I mistakenly posted the model of my old steamer as being Jannu. This was incorrect and we’d like to apologise to Jannu for this error which has since been corrected. A while back I wrote this post regarding the Huetiful steamer and off the back of that Ken Burkeen, the Founder and President of Huetiful reached out to me and asked me to...

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Steam Series | How to incorporate steam into your regimen All / Features / Haircare / News

Once you’ve decided on your method of steaming, the next step is choosing where in your regimen to use it. There are no hard and fast rules about when and how to use steam but because steaming involves the use of water, most of the common methods revolve around the wash routine.   Pre-pooing Those familiar to this blog should know what pre-pooing is by...

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Steam Series | How to apply steam to your hair All / Features / Haircare / News

The dictionary defines steam as ‘the vapour into which water is converted when heated, forming a white mist of minute water droplets in the air.’ In short,  steam is just moisture in its purest form. As we should all know by now, one of the key tenants of healthy haircare is moisture, moisture and more moisture. When you shampoo, other than the cleansing aspect, it’s...

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Steam Series | The benefits of steam on hair and skin All / Features / Haircare / News

The use of steam for therapeutic, health and beauty purposes is a practice that’s been going on since the ancient Greeks first donned togas and probably longer. I can totally see some cavewomen hanging out in a hot spring with their woolly mammoth fur towel turbans gossiping about who got clubbed the night before. Since then everyone’s been getting in on the action, from the...

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