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No Mo MoHair | Time to say Goodbye All / Natural Hair / News

So after two years on the blog, my trusty partner in crime Mohair is taking an indefinite leave of absence from the blog. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my sister wholeheartedly for all her hard work towards making this blog what it...

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May 2011 All / Natural Hair / Styling

I have worn my hair “out” since Nov last year, its time for a protective style. I trimmed half an inch last week to give myself a u-shape rather than a v-shape and got rid of knots and splits in prep for mini braids. Here are...

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Mohair Update All / Natural Hair

I was gonna name the title of this post “Mohair Hair Update” but that’s a bit silly since I have already appropriated “hair” in my pseudo name. Anyho, my Hair has been great. As requested by the majority, I have continued self trimming. I straightened...

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