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2013 Goals | First Quarter Update All / Lifestyle / News

Increase thickness of hair This was a really silly goal now that I look back on it. My hair is healthy and I don’t suffer from breakage or excessive shedding so there’s actually not much more I can do in terms of thickening my hair....

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Last Length Check of 2011 All / Length Check / Relaxed Hair

I was debating whether or not bother with a final length check as I’ve cut so much off over the last month. In the end I thought what the hey, it’ll make a good comparison if nothing else. To recap, I’ve been trimming so much...

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All / Length Check / Relaxed Hair

I didn’t think I was going be able to so soon but after seeing the pic of my last length check I think I can safely claim Arm Pit Length. Now don’t get too excited coz little bitty tips touching APL is not good enough...

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