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How To | Chia Passion Fruit Smoothie Health / How-to / Nutrition

I thought I’d show you guys how I make another one of my popular smoothies. The Chia Passion Fruit Smoothie mixes the creamy goodness of chia pudding with a refreshing shot of blended fresh and frozen fruit. It’s super easy to make and works well...

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How To | Arctic Berry Crunch Smoothie How-to / News

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about how I make my smoothies and smoothie bowls. People don’t seem to believe me when I tell them how easy and quick it is to do. So I decided to record the process to prove it.

MAJOR Weight Loss Update! All / Diet / Health / News / Weight Loss

Long time readers of this blog will know that I have been trying to lose weight for the longest time ever. For the newbies, you can catch up HERE, HERE and HERE. I’ve tried most of the diets you can think of and my DVD...

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Cocoa Maca Winter Warmer All / Health / Weight Loss

After juicing all day I love coming home to a nut milk based drink instead. This creamy base allows me to use more starchy fruits like bananas to make smoothies and milk shakes or something more warming like Cocoa powder for a hot milky drink....

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The Great Juice Fast of 2012 | Day 1 All / Health

So today was the first day of my 30 day cleansing juice fast and all I can say is wow. Wow that I made it through the day, wow that I didn’t give in and join the rest of my team at Jamie’s Italian for...

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