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Ever since I started styling Miss E’s hair, I’ve been waiting anxiously for her to reach the 11 month mark. Why? I hear you all cry excitedly (at least in my head you do). Well I’ll tell you why…so I can finally put a sleep...

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Baby Style | Miss E’s Hair Routine Baby / News / Styling

One of the things I get asked most often about Miss E’s hair is ‘how do you get her to sit still for styling?’ Whilst Miss E is a fairly easy going baby, she’s still a baby and thus easily distracted and quick to get...

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Baby Talk | Caring for Miss E’s Hair All / Baby / Lifestyle / News

I must confess that I do very little with miss E’s hair. She was born with a full head of thick multi-textured hair complete with dodgy hairline. Apparently I have all the heartburn I experienced whilst preggo to thank for it. Her hair texture started...

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