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Miss E’s First Big Chop Baby / News

In short, I looked at Miss E’s hair and thought, that has to go. In truth I’ve been wanting to cut her hair for ages but I was terribly attached to it and kept having moments of ‘won’t she look like a boy?’ Her hair...

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Baby Style | Miss E’s Hair Routine Baby / News / Styling

One of the things I get asked most often about Miss E’s hair is ‘how do you get her to sit still for styling?’ Whilst Miss E is a fairly easy going baby, she’s still a baby and thus easily distracted and quick to get...

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Baby Style | Canerows With Single Twists Baby / News / Styling

This style evolved from her First Canerow Style but I decided to use small single twists in front instead of canerows. It took a little longer because of the twists and towards the end Miss E was not impressed with me at all. However, it came...

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Baby Style | Miss E’s First Cornrows Baby / News / Styling

I’m always looking for styles for Miss E that will last more than a day or two. A few weeks ago, I was playing with her hair and realised how long it had gotten…long enough for me to braid I wondered? The answer funnily enough was...

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Baby Talk | DIY Light Box All / Baby / News

I did not fully realise how many hours there are in a day until I found myself struggling to keep my daughter entertained and engaged during 12 of them. She is now at the age where she sleeps less and is constantly looking for something...

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Baby Talk | Small Twists with Elastics All / Baby / News / Styling

After watching Miss E demolish the finger coils, I realised I’d have to bring in the big guns…hair bands!! The problem was, which hair bands? I wanted something colourful and playful but not too fiddly. The first set of hair bands I got looked great...

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Baby Talk | Finger Coils on Miss E All / Baby / News / Styling

Miss E’s hair is getting pretty long now. It pretty thick too except in the back where she’s got a bit of a Friar Tuck situation going on. Its also starting to knot up and picking up lint like no-one’s business. Up till now I’ve...

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