I Big Chopped AGAIN!! Haircare / News

I have a confession to make!! I done gone and chopped off all my hair again! I know I know, the blog is called my LONG hair journey and I don’t seem to be able to let my hair do that. I have a good...

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Hair care tips for Spring | All Cures Haircare / News

Why is Aloe Vera your best friend when it comes to hair care? Used as an herbal remedy for skin and hair conditions for over 2000 years, aloe vera is still widely used in cosmetics and natural medicines as it is highly regarded for its...

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Post Partum Shedding | My Action Plan All / Baby / Haircare / Natural Hair / News

Post Partum Shedding (PPS) is a perfectly normal occurrence which happens to many women after the birth of a baby. Hair growth occurs in three phases, anagen (growth), catogen (transitional) and telogen (resting). Normally, around 85-95% of your hair is in the growth phase at any...

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