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“All black people are born natural but some are more natural than others!!!” If you’ve read animal farm then the statement above will make sense, if you haven’t then check out the book, it’s a great read. I came up with it after I read...

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Hair Modelling for Design Essentials All / Features / Haircare / News

As we mentioned HERE, Mohair and I recently had the opportunity of being Hair Models for Design Essentials. Of course we weren’t the only ones and we had a fantastic chance to see Kimberly K Anderson a Master Educator for Design Essentials in action. The...

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We went and straightened our hair… All / Features / Natural Hair / News

…not permanently, so y’all can relax. Mohair and I recently had the opportunity to experience the Design Essentials Strengthening Therapy treatment when be served as hair models at the DE Chic to Chic show earlier this month. Design Essential’s Master Educator, Kimberly K Anderson came...

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The Problem with (SOME) UK Hair Stylists All / Features / News

I (Mohair), had a recent experience that unfortunately reinforced every negative feeling I have ever had about UK hairdressers. A stylist of 37 plus years of experience tried to detangle, comb and section my natural kinky hair for a straw set with this: This stylist...

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Did you know you can FOLLOW this blog???? All / Features / News

I am so technologically savvy that it took me over a year to realise that the ‘FOLLOW’ button at the bottom of this blog wasn’t working…doh!! It is now fixed and working wonderfully so if you tried subscribing previously, please accept my sincerest apologies and...

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