Name: Tola Okogwu

Hair colour: Light Brown with blonde highlights

Hair type: 4a/b

Hair texture: Medium strands, medium overall thickness

Hair state/style: Natural texture with permanent colour and highlights

Current Length: Ear length

Founded in 2010, this blog charts my personal hair journey and shares my experiences and passion for healthy hair care. The blog has grown immensely since then and now acts as an information portal for others looking to improve the health of their hair. My Long Hair Journey seeks to inspire, educate and empower women of colour to take ownership of their hair and everything that makes them distinctly unique. I strive to be an influencer within the UK ethnic hair care industry and a strong voice in the growing global healthy hair care movement. With articles published in prominent publications such as Black Beauty and Hair Magazine, I am on a continuous mission to learn and in turn educate others about black hair care.

A Brief History

It is a small wonder I have any hair at all given the atrocities I’ve committed on it in the past.

I used to only wash it when the itching got too bad, I definitely couldn’t be bothered to condition it and I’d glue in foreign hair then pull the glue off without remover. I’ve even used a relaxer and permanent dye at the same time. I’ve literally spent the last 20 plus years abusing my hair. My hair went through its first assault age 9 when I was given a perm. Yup, those wet, juicy little curls…I thought I was so fly. When the damage from poor maintenance got too bad for my mother, they were cut off and I got my first taste of the creamy crack… I haven’t looked back since. I went through numerous cycles of breakage and chopping off my hair to ‘start from scratch’ without ever fully understanding how to properly look after it….till now!

I started this journey with 4a/b type hair which was relaxed and neck length and had never EVER grown beyond this length. I honestly didn’t think black hair could but my eyes were opened and I was inspired to try and do the same. This blog was created to track my hair growth progress and share information with other women interested in improving the health of their hair. Since then I’ve reached armpit relaxed length, transitioned for a year, big chopped and I am now fully natural and my hair is healthier than it’s ever been before. I’m also a mother to a gorgeous little girl (Miss E) whose hair, confidence and sense of self worth I am now responsible for.

The blog has become so much more than just my hair story, and my hope is that it inspires other women to re-evaluate their hair misconceptions and realise that healthy afro textured hair of any length is very possible.


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