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My hair has been through the wringer the last few months, mostly due to my complete indecisiveness. I was starting to miss my length so I let my hair grow out of the tapered cut. But then it started to look rough and was becoming difficult to style so I re-thought things and decided to stick with the original plan to stay short for the next few years. So I took myself off to the barbers to get a FADE!! That story is a very long-winded comedy of errors, which I shan’t go into here but needless to say, don’t believe a barber when he says he opens up at 9.30am. Eventually I found a great barbershop in Gravesend called Afro Cutz. It was a very surreal experience being the only woman in the shop and getting a rare view into the world and conversations of Men. However, the waiting…dear lord the waiting. It took 3 hours before I even got into the chair though the cut itself only took 30 mins. Apparently there’s this whole booking system that no-one tells you about involving tickets and calling in advance. Did you know you can call and book your place in the queue?? Surreal I tell you.

Anyhoo, to cut a long story short (like what I did there?), I got my fade and I loved it! Then I got bored, things get very scary and interesting when I get bored. I was tired of being blonde and thought a change was in order. So off I trotted to Boots and got myself a box of L’Oreal Feria in Red Velvet. The colour came out great and very vibrant on by beached ends.

IMG_6187 IMG_6206

Then about 2 weeks later I woke up one morning and decided I didn’t like it and wanted my blonde hair back. Now when I went red, I pretty much knew that I’d be cutting the colour off as it’s very difficult to strip out red dye without butchering your hair. I promptly forgot all this and spent an epic two days trying to get the red out. Unfortunately I didn’t document the process though I really should have as I had peach hair at one point. I did however manage to achieve this, though my hair is indeed fried!!


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