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As y’all can tell by the distinct lack of posts lately, I’m snowed under with at the moment and my blogging has been suffering for it. I will try and pick it up but in the meantime so you guys aren’t lacking, I thought some additional contributors would help regulate things. Without further ado meet Lois, the newest contributing writer on My Long Hair Journey.
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Lois is my zany younger cousin, who has a quirky but FIERCE sense of style. She’s in her final year studying Media & Communications, which makes her amply qualified for this new role. I have been on a roller coaster ride with this girl’s hair right from the time at 16 years old she decided she wanted to relax her hair. Needless to say, despite by dire warnings, she went ahead and fast forward 6 years and home girl is back to natural and loving it!

Lois’ first post will be up on Thursday and if you want to get to know her a bit better, check out her BIO.

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I’m a mother, haircare enthusiast, budding writer and science fiction geek. I love all things hair related and I’m on an epic journey to learn all that I can and in turn share all that I can. is my way of doing that!


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