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I’m about to use this blog to shamelessly plug an endeavour of mine so if this offends you look away now! I’m a part of a non profit organisation called Parent on Purpose and our aim is to provide resources and information for UK parents in order to make the job of being a parent easier. Since becoming one myself, I understand how difficult it is to raise children in this day and age. We are all striving to do our best for our kids and Parent on Purpose strives to equip parents with the necessary tools to do so.

POP FlyerOur first event, Parents and Learning is taking place on the 24th of October and I would encourage all my UK readers with children aged 0-16 to attend. Parents and Learning will be taking parents on a journey to discover how the British education system works and how they can help support their children as they progress through it. If you feel unprepared for the next stage in your child’s education, wondered if private education/tutoring is necessary, struggled to understand the home/school agreement you signed or worried that your child is struggling then this event is for you.

We have two speakers with a vast knowledge and experience within the British education system. Florence Olajide is a former Headteacher and Her Majesty’s Inspector of Schools who currently runs an independent education consultancy firm, whilst working as a School Improvement Partner for the boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley. Florence will be running a session covering ‘The role of the Parent in Learning’.  Opal Brown who will be running a session titled ‘Understanding the British school system’, is a former Headteacher and School Advisor for the borough of Ealing currently and currently works as an Independent Education Consultant.

Tickets start from £10 and can be purchased HERE, and sales end on the 17th of October. Y’all really don’t want to miss this one!

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