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So this last week has been my wig rest week where I stopped using the lace wig in order to give my hair a bit of a break. I started with a twist out which lasted for 2 days before I co-washed and rocked a wash n go for the next few days. Thursday night I got a bit bored and decided to try a dry bantu-knot out instead. I was a bit nervous about how it would turn out to be honest as my hair is still super short and I’m still getting the hang of styling it. The results were mixed in that I liked how my hair came out but I should have probably done the knots smaller for better defined curls. I don’t think I’ll bother with bantu knots again until my hair is longer.

Check out how I did it below:

1.  Using medium sized 2-3 inch sections, I moisturised my hair with Original Moxie Everyday Leave-in Detangling Conditioner and Shea Goodness Hair Butter. The OM Leave-in has great slip which helped with finger detangling whilst the SG Butter softened and helped stretch out my hair. I then sealed with a very small amount of Hairveda CoCasta Shikakai Oil.


2.  I two strand twisted each section into a bantu knot. I chose to do it this way because I figured if the bantu knots failed, I’d still get some texture from the two strand twists. I secured each knot with a hair pin then covered with a silk scarf and bonnet and went to bed.

pincurl3 pincurl1

3.  The next morning I took down each knot and unravelled the twist using a little bit of Original Moxie Hair Bling on my fingers to keep the curls smooth and prevent the frizzies.

pincurl release2 pincurl release1

4.  Because I didn’t put much thought into the direction when I was knotting my hair the night before, my curls were all over the place and very multi-directional. I separated each curl once then used a wide tooth comb to puff up the roots and hide the partings.

curls2 curls1

5.  I finished the style using an ouchless extra-large head band from Claire’s Accessories

styled6 styled5 styled2 styled3 styled4

User Friendly Tips

    • Don’t over saturate your hair with product, the beauty of this style is that it stretches out your natural curl pattern and creates a whole new curly one.

    • Choose a direction to knot the hair in and keep it consistent throughout your head. If you are using a middle parting you could knot each side in opposing directions to create a cool Farah Fawcett style.

    • Make sure when knotting that each spiral is stacked on top of the previous one. This will give an even and well defined curl.

    • You may not need hair pins as your hair may stay in place all by its self. Shorter lengths and finer textures will definitely want to have some pins on hand though.

    • Do not re-wet or moisturise your hair before unravelling the knots. A little bit of oil or Shea butter is all you need to finish the style.

    • If you don’t know how to do a bantu-knot, check out Youtube for great tutorials on creating bantu-knots.

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  1. Nice Results!

  2. This is SO pretty. I can’t ever get bantu knots to work out right on my hair! I have to do a twist-out on a Curlformers set to get these kind of results :-/

  3. Beautiful results!! The color also looks really nice!

  4. veryyyyyyyyyyy nice indeed

  5. Thanks guys.

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  7. Your hair is very beautiful, i have my hair in bantu knots now , fingers crossed ,hope i love the results.

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