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correction 28.11.12 – I mistakenly posted the model of my old steamer as being Jannu. This was incorrect and we’d like to apologise to Jannu for this error which has since been corrected.

A while back I wrote this post regarding the Huetiful steamer and off the back of that Ken Burkeen, the Founder and President of Huetiful reached out to me and asked me to try one out. I thought it only right and fair that I do so particularly as Huetiful steamers are now available to buy in the UK and Europe without the hassle and additional cost of international shipping.

Because the original post was a superficial comparison between my O’Hair Ionic Steamer and the Huetiful Steamer, I thought it only appropriate that I do a review of the two products again, only more detailed this time.

Huetiful Claims:

“No process or product has been proven to both moisturize and hydrate natural, relaxed or transitioning hair better than a Huetiful Hair Steam Treatment. The award winning Huetiful Hair Steamer restores and hydrates your hair 5x more effectively than leading conditioners alone.”

Restores moisture to your dry hair up to 5x better than the leading deep conditioner.

Strengthens hair by replenishing moisture lost to keratin treatments, relaxers or heat straightening

Significantly reduces breakage and split ends caused by dry hair while improving manageability

O’Hair claims:

“O’Hair Ozone Ionic Hair and Facial Steamer treats damaged, dry and brittle. It makes your hair fuller, shinier and softer. Also removes dandruff.”


The Huetiful steamer comes in a pretty box with components comfortably arranged in a polystyrene shell. This keeps the parts safe from damage and makes it easy to put away unlike the O’Hair steamer which has no protective shell and I basically have to shove everything into the hood then put the hood into the box as is. The parts tend to move around within the box and the box eventually gave way whilst I was moving it causing the steamer to fall out.


Both steamers come with a user guide and set up in the exact same way which I found to be fairly easy and straightforward.



This is where the Huetiful Steamer really comes into its own. It pumps out a lot more steam than the O’Hair. With the O’Hair I often find that large parts of my head remain cool and I constantly have to rotate to get even coverage. With the Huetiful model I get very good coverage and I only have to rotate twice in order to get to the hard to reach areas.

Additional Features

Both models have an optional Ozone feature which helps eliminate bacteria in the water and steam. Ken says that the Ozone feature is particularly useful for people with dry scalp complaints as it helps minimise bacteria on the scalp.


Both models come with a facial attachment that turns the steamer into a facial steamer.

The Huetiful steamer comes with a 60 day money back guarantee and one year, “no questions asked” replacement warranty. Huetiful steamers also include free shipping and a free return policy. The Huetiful steamer also has additional safety features unlike the O’Hair model. The Huetiful steamer won’t work unless all the parts are correctly assembled and it also automatically shuts off once it runs out of water. My favourite safety feature however is that the Huetiful steamer won’t work unless there is water in the reservoir. This might seem like a small thing but I accidentally burnt the plastic hose on the O’Hair model because I turned on the steamer but forgot I hadn’t yet added the water.


Whilst I can’t comment on the ‘five times more effectiveness’ claim of the Huetiful steamer, I can say I found it to be a much more effective steamer than the O’Hair model. My hair felt better conditioned and softer after using the Huetiful steamer and I attribute this to it being a more efficient and effective model. The O’Hair is still a good steamer and for those on a smaller budget, would be a great option. However, if you have that extra bit to spend I would recommend going for the Huetiful as it’s worth it; it not only is better quality but it also has additional safety features. If nothing else, the one year warranty alone gives you that extra bit of protection.

Because I strive to make the blog as accurate and truthful as possible I put my hands up right now and say MY BAD on the original post I wrote. Whilst the Huetiful and O’Hair steamers appear superficially similar, they are two distinct products. Comparing the two is like comparing Primark to Prada; sure they both sell clothes but you know which one you’d rather shop in!! The Huetiful Steamer retails for $116.95 plus $30 shipping.

If you want to win your very own Huetiful steamer, Enter the MLHJ BIG CHOP GIVEAWAY!!!

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  1. I would like to report my sister to the world at large. She bagged the new steamer and gave me her old one! I know what response she’ll make so I’ll draft her come back for her: “at least you’ve got one”.

  2. You mentioned the Heutiful can be purchased in then UK could you tell me where I can get one?

  3. This a good review! Thanks for taking the time in pointing out the difference between the two. Now, I can weigh things better before I buy a steamer for my salon.

  4. […] 03.01.12 – Please see this revised review for more accurate information about the Huetiful […]

  5. Belinda Raji Says: February 16, 2013 at 6:47 am

    i have the O’Hair model and it has the same safety features as the Huetiful, if I turn it on with no water both lights come on and it makes a noise, I sit under it and wait for the alarm and it turns off again no need to clock watch. Yours was faulty.

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