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1. Do you ever feel like “adopting” someone’s hair because you believe you will be better at looking after it?

(a) Yes always, people can be so clueless

(b) No never, everyone is different

(c) Sometimes, some people just don’t know what they are doing but if they need help I’m always available

(d) I don’t care


2. If someone says they don’t have “good hair” do you;

(a) Launch into the history of black hair, slavery and the oppression of black women because of their natural hair

(b) Compliment something about their hair

(c) Find out what they think is not good and suggest a way to improve it

(d) I don’t care


3. What do you look for in hair blogs/websites?

(a) The opportunity to criticise and tell others what to do

(b) The pretty pictures

(c) Useful information and a supportive community

(d) I don’t care


4. Someone asks you how you styled your hair, you;

(a) Tell them off for not knowing how to achieve such a “simple” style

(b) Refer them to your favourite stylist cause you have no idea how she/he did it

(c) Refer them to your favourite blog/vlog to better educate them

 (d) I don’t care


5. Which of these statements do you most agree with?

(a) Natural hair in its raw virgin state is superior in every way to processed hair

(b) Hair is Hair

(c) Natural hair is healthier than processed hair but both can be long, and beautiful

(d) I don’t care


6. When buying hair products, do you;

(a) Select only products that are natural, eco-friendly and conform to a certain ethos

(b) Select what looks and smells nice

(c) Carefully check the list of ingredients and instructions for use

(d) I don’t care


7. Do you agree that the Andre Walker Typing system is best way to identify your hair type?

(a) Of course, it’s important to know your hair type, how else can you compare yourself to others?

(b) Andre who?

(c) Not necessarily, there are other systems, besides it more important to understand your texture and how it responds to products and techniques

(d) I don’t care


If you answered mostly (b) then you are a HAIR LOVER

Hair Lover: You’re a “lover not a fighter” when it comes to hair. You may be indiscriminate about products and styling or quite adventurous with how you wear your hair. You don’t associate your hair with any political or social statement or aspirations. You appreciate good looking hair (by whatever means) but generally don’t concern yourself with the details of good hair care at least until it all goes wrong.

If you answered mostly (c) then you are a HAIR FIGHTER

Hair Fighter: You generally strike a good balance between having good looking hair (that suits your lifestyle) and healthy looking hair. You may have views on the social or political statements that can be made with one’s hair but you are no extremist. Nor do you believe that one style fits all. You are not averse to trying new things but you are likely to consider the consequences and do your research before trying. You are always interested in learning more about your hair and willing to help others when asked.

If you answered mostly (a) then you are a HAIR NAZI

Hair Nazi: After much researching and soul searching you have come to realise that there is only one way for all hair – the 100% natural way. You wish everyone else felt this way and can’t resist saying so at every opportunity. If you had your way, everyone else in the world would be made to go natural. All straighteners, hairdryers, and chemicals would be banned! Everyone would be categorised by their hair type and texture and made to understand the socio-political ramifications of hair straightening.

If you answred mostly (d) then you REALLY DON’T CARE!!

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  1. Lol, yes I am a hair fighter. I know a few of all the rest though.

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