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The question we get asked the most when people first meet us and our hair is:

“What products do you use?”

We always find this question amusing and difficult to answer for two reasons:

1. As you all well know Tola is a product junkie and because of the blog we are constantly trying out different products.

2. We love that as black women our initial assumption is always product centric. We are still very much convinced that there is a magic product or potion out there that will fix all our hair woes and give us that Rapunzel like hair we so crave.

Our standard response is;

“I use lots of different products, but I find that it’s my hair regimen that makes the difference.”

This usually separates the wheat from the chaff, as at this point those who are serious about improving the health of their hair will ask more questions about our regimen. Those that aren’t, usually lose interest and wander off which is fine with us (they usually come back at some point).

As simple as it might sound, the first and most important part of any healthy hair journey is a solid regimen. Products are just tools like a hammer and nails, but first you need a set of instructions to tell you where and how to use them; that’s where the regimen comes in. In practice though, building a regimen can often become a complicated and confusing activity. So we thought we’d break it down to help those out there just starting out on their journeys or still struggling to make sense of it all.

The series is split into the following four parts which will be published over the course of the next two weeks:

  1. What is a Regimen?

  2. Knowing Your Hair and Scalp

  3. Components of a Regimen

  4. Putting it all together


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  1. Isabelle Says: April 30, 2012 at 3:27 pm

    Really looking forward to reading these!

  2. […] a moisturiser. It’s been a while since I did a ‘For Dummies’ series (check out the ‘Regimen Building For Newbies‘ series HERE) and I thought this would make a great topic. It’s going to be a three part […]

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