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A while back, I went to the product launch of the new Michel Mercier brush. The brush is designed to make detangling a much more pleasant experience. The patented brush has 482 bristles of different heights in a unique geometric distribution to help disperse the pressure points placed on the hair whilst brushing and detangling resulting in less pain, hair loss and hair breakage. The story behind the brush is very interesting. Michel Mercier was once asked by his daughter while he was brushing her hair, why it had to hurt so much. His answer to that question was this brush.

Unlike the Tangle Teezer which is a similar product, the Mercier Brush comes in 3 colour coded varieties:
Pink = Fine Hair, Green = Normal Hair, Blue = Thick or Afro Hair

The difference between the three varieties lies in the flexibility of the bristles. The coarser the hair type, the more rigid the bristles are. I of course got the blue brush and decided to give one to my dear sister to try also. I also decided to let her do this review as I think her hair is better suited to test it out. Since she’s been in braids for the last nine weeks, this has been her first opportunity to do so. I will of course do my own review in due course, once I’m more firmly into my transition.

 Mohair’s Reality: I currently use a Denman Brush to detangle and it’s done a good job so far.

The new Mercier brush looks and feels a lot like the Tangle Teezer but with a great hulking handle. I never took to the Tangle Teezer because of the lack of a handle and the fact that a major hair guru I really respect said it gave her major split ends.

I need to keep using the Mercier brush for a while to fully test its claims but so far – I am well impressed.


  • You really do feel less pressure on your scalp. I’m used to supporting my hair with my hands as I brush so I don’t pull on my scalp but with this brush that’s not critical. 
  • I love the fact that the woman on the packaging has curly kinky hair -okay so she’s clearly mixed race but she is more relevant to me than a white lady with coarse hair. There are also cartoon drawings of women of different colours and hair texture at the back so this brush is very versatile. 
  • Less hair breakage is a fact. I think I examined 90% of the hair that the brush collected and most were shed hairs. There was also a lot less hair on this brush than I normally have on the Denman, which can break a lot of hair if I’m not careful. 
  • I spent less time detangling. If I had been using my Denman to detangle 9 weeks of new growth and shed hair, it would have taken me about 2 hours. It took just over an hour in total. 


  • The handle could be a little thinner and have a better gripping mechanism, the Denman is perfect in this regard
  • The Mercier brush is harder to clean – removing hair is easy enough but you need to use a cleaning brush or old toothbrush to get to the base. Cleaning the Denman is a doddle as its parts are separable. 
  • It can not handle large chunks of hair. This is actually a good thing though as it forced me to detangle in smaller sections but then I spent less time on each section. 

The Winner is Mr Mercier, his brush gets 4 out of 5 fros and it shall become a staple part of my regimen. I’m not throwing away my Denman just yet though!

The Michel Mercier Detangling Brush retails at £14.95, and is available from and selected salons.

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  1. michelle Says: May 5, 2014 at 8:18 pm


    I have a suggestion! I bought the brush and LOVE it but HATE the way it would slip out of my hands! (because of the conditioner and water)

    I figured it out!

    I simply wrapped many rubber bands around the handle and it NEVER slips out of my hands! (many rubber bands)

    Took 3 min and made my life so much easier!

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