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So I’m officially  inAttack phase. I just love the name, it sounds like I’m going to war against mybody fat!! Because I’m lazy and easily distracted I knew I had to plan out mymeals during this phase in advance otherwise a carb or two would slip throughthe net. Luckily I found the fab website called which has someexcellent resources. I’m going to try their sample Attack Phase menu with acouple of tweaks here and there..e.g. the cottage cheese has got to go (I hateit!). I’m going to substitute it with Quark which is a virtually fat free softcheese.

So far today, I had a plain omlette with small portion of cod for breakfast. It was proper weird eating fish so early in the day. Well I’m off to imbibe 2 litres of water….me thinks I’m gonna need to invest in a porta  loo at this rate.

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  1. Jo Somebody Says: December 21, 2011 at 1:45 pm

    Sounds insane!

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