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Inspired by this post by JC over at the Natural Haven, I’m declaring this blog to be a Relaxed Oasis today. Somewhere peaceful and calm where relaxed ladies can chill without having to defend their hair styling choices and yes, relaxing is just that…a styling choice. I have a saying that goes; natural hair is a hairstyle not a lifestyle. For those who choose this path, more love to you. For those who don’t, more love to you too!! In recognition of Oasis day, here are a few relaxed hair myths nixed.

Relaxer = Breakage

Actually, poor hair care and poor styling techniques equals breakage. If you don’t know what you’re doing then you are likely to cause damage; this is true of any situation. There are just as many natural heads out there experiencing breakage as there are relaxed heads. The key is to recognise the negative effects a chemical process such as a relaxer has on hair and then work towards mitigating and minimising them…simples!!

Relaxer = Selling Out

Erm….huh??? It’s just hair….dead too at that. I am more than just the physical sum of my parts and natural hair doth not a black person make. I choose to relax because I like wearing my hair straight most of the time. For me, trying to achieve this look so frequently with natural hair would ultimately cause more damage than relaxing, thus I chose the lesser of two evils. It is no different from someone who heat straightens or dyes their hair regularly. If and when I decide I want to rock more texture, then rest assured that I’ll promptly ditch the relaxer.

Relaxed Hair Doesn’t Grow 

Read this blog…nuff said!

Relaxed Hair is more professional/neater/cuter looking

I call BS!! My sister is a qualified Solicitor with a wonderful head of natural hair and she rocks it every time. Her colleagues absolutely love her hair. When it comes to styling hair of any type, you are only ever limited by your imagination.

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  1. Love this post. I was a follower of several natural hair care blogs. I ended up getting so tired of the relaxed vs. natural mess. It was driving me crazy so now I stick with friendly, unbiased healthy hair blogs. I love looking and reading about hair care whatever the styling choice.

  2. The selling out business gets on my nerves so much! Nice balanced post, wish there were more of these.

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