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As you guys know, I’m all about smooth, straight hair and its my preferred styling choice. As you also know, I’m on a NO direct heat regimen at the moment so I’ve had to hang up my straighteners and blow dryer. Instead I’ve been relying heavily on the Rollerset/Saran wrap method for straightening my hair. Because I can’t roller set to save my life, I use the ponytail method which, has made the whole thing a lot easier. It’s like the idiot proof way to rollerset. So for all my other heat free ladies out here, here’s how I do it…..enojy!

Firstly I wash and deep conditioned my hair just as if I were going to use straighteners. This means that I use a clarifying shampoo on the first lather and a moisturising shampoo for the second. I use Pureology Purify Shampoo to clarify followed by Organic Care Systems Aqua Boost Shampoo, they are both sulphate free. I deep condition with Keracare Humecto for some serious moisturising as I know I’m going to be using heat, however indirect. I deep condition for at least an hour. I only use two leave-in products as the less you use, the smoother and bouncier the hair is. I use Joico Daily Detangler as my moisturising leave-in and CHI Silk Infusion as a heat protectant and strengthening glossifier.

I then section my hair into 6 ponytails, 3 in front and 3 in the back. I attach two red magnetic rollers (38mm) on each ponytail using double prong curl clips. The bigger the roller the straighter the style you’ll get. Make sure your hair is dripping wet when you apply the rollers otherwise you get frizzy ends. You can also use end papers, though I tend not to. I use a tabletop hooded dryer and sit under that for about an hour or so till my hair is about 85-90% dry. Then I take the rollers out, lightly comb my hair out with a wide tooth comb then wrap it using a Denman brush. I then cover tightly with saran wrap and get back under the dryer till it’s fully dry. I’ll usually comb the wrap out to check everything is as it should be then wrap back up to go to bed. In the morning I just comb my hair out, add a bit of serum or CHI Silk infusion and go.

As far as I can tell, the reason why this method works so well for me is I use very little product on my hair and also because I don’t let the hair dry fully whilst in the rollers. Thus my hair is stretched and smoothed out from the roller set but the curls have not fully set making the wrap so much more effective.

**DISCLAIMER** – Please note that my hair was just over 2 weeks post in these pictures so my roots were understandably very straight.

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  1. Thank you for this!

  2. I love your hair and I'm def trying this(: Thanks

  3. so you had no indentions from the pony tail holders???

  4. I did but the wrapping smoothed them out.

  5. i will be trying this next time i wash my hair….your hair looks so nice and healthy

  6. I love this….so straight and pretty…and I love the way u explained exactly how to do it to a T

  7. NaturalMahogany Says: October 15, 2011 at 10:54 am

    I tried this style and I loved it, but I had to try it twice. My hair is about 3 inches from being BSL, very thick and course, so I cant leave my hair soaking wet when wrapping. I have to let it dry a little on ends until its only damp, and then I rollerset. After that it looked awesome! Thanks for the idea!!

  8. Nice .How much tile does it stay?

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